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Mezzani Lunghi

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With a diameter narrower Ziti and larger than Bucatini, the mezzani are a very appreciated shape in the Neapolitan region. Since ancient times they were wrapped paper, also called "macaroni paper". Remembering this tradition from Gragnano, this shape of Pasta di Gragnano PGI is still packaged by hand and must be broken by hand and combined with meat sauces or "allardiato", as required by Neapolitan tradition. Why are the hand broken shapes preferable to the cut ones? The double perforated pasta shapes like candles, ziti and mezzani are drained hanging vertically. Precisely for this reason they are open only on one side, which leads to enzymatic processes that take place only in these conditions, thus they have greatly increasing drying times compared to short pasta shapes, even 24-48 hours to extract the moisture trapped in the long columns of dough. Thanks to this particular drying process, the pasta acquires a completely different taste, extraordinarily rich with notes of almonds and slightly fermented hay, without any sweetness


Our pasta is PGI Certified Gragnano Pasta, bronze-die, slowly dried at low temperatures, made with 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and local spring water. Contains a minimum of 14% protein, firm to cooking and highly digestible

Nutrition Facts

Energy: 354 Kcal
Fat: 1,3 g (of which Saturates: 0,3 g)
Carbohydrate: 70 g (of which Sugars: 3,3 g)
Fiber: 3,3 g
Protein: 14 g

Cooking techniques

Mantecata and Al forno

Al dente in :

Cooking Time
9 min




Instesity level
Instesity level
Instesity level
Instesity level
Instesity level

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Mezzani Lunghi


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100% Italian durum wheat semolina

We use only the best 100% Italian durum wheat semolina (non GMO) containing a minimum of 14% protein. Our wheat comes from fields dedicated to its cultivation for over 2000 years in the south of Italy

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The Di Martino pin-up tin giftbox contains six packs of 1lb of Gragnano PGI pasta made with 100% Italian durum wheat (Non-GMO)

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