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Carbonara Day

Celebrate Carbonara Day with Pasta Di Martino

We have selected the ideal shapes for you to prepare the perfect Carbonara! Explore the shapes of PGI Gragnano Pasta, choose your favourite, discover the recipe and all the secrets for preparing one of the most delicious dishes of Italian cuisine

On the occasion of Carbonara Day we want to give you a special gift

With the purchase of the Carbonara Box you will receive our fabric bag with pasta as a gift! Add the Carbonara Box to your cart and enjoy the coolest gift there is, you will get the fabric bag with pasta for free. What are you waiting for? Don't miss the advantages of Carbonara Day Di Martino!

All perfect shapes for Carbonara, with a special discount!

And which pasta shapes do you prefer for your Carbonara? There is no need to choose, with Pasta Di Martino you can have all the perfect shapes for the preparation of Carbonara together with a recipe book for the preparation of this tasty dish

But what are the best shapes for the perfect Carbonara?

There are those who prefer Spaghetti, those who prefer Rigatoni and those who experiment with Paccheri. Our advice is to use full-bodied shapes, able to mix well with the egg and pecorino cream and guarantee perfect creaming.
Pasta Di Martino, made only with 100% Italian durum wheat, maintains the right roughness, both for the ridged and smooth shapes, and guarantees you a unique result, you will feel the difference!

Discover the Pasta Di Martino formats that we have selected specifically to match them with the creaminess of Carbonara.

Perfect shapes for Carbonara

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Sale -15%

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Carbonara is serious thing! For the perfect Carbonara you need the right ingredients, Guanciale, Pecorino Romano and above all... Pasta Di Martino! Discover our recipe

Find out how we prepare our Carbonara

All the secrets of our Pasta Chefs to prepare the perfect Carbonara

One of the most famous recipes from Italy!

Carbonara is a dish of uncertain origins. Those who say that it derives from the union of typical ingredients of the Italian tradition (cheese and pasta) with the bacon brought by American soldiers during the Second World War, those who instead argue that it was invented by the "carbonari", woodcutters from the Lazio, Abruzzo and from the Marches who sometimes combined eggs with their typical preparation, very similar to Gricia.

Whatever its origins, even today Carbonara remains one of the most famous dishes of Italian cuisine, and also one of our favorites!


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