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Returns questions

Where is Pasta Di Martino shipped?

We ship our pasta all over the world, shipping costs may vary depending on the country of destination and the quantity of products ordered

What are the delivery times?

The delivery times of the couriers depend on the destination countries:
Italy: 3-5 working days
Europe: 5-7 business days
Other countries: 7-12 business days

In busy periods such as Christmas or Black Friday, delivery times may be delayed.

How can I take advantage of the free shipping?

Free shipping is valid in Italy for all orders with a value of more than €69 but falling within the weight limit of 20Kg

I placed a very large order, what are the delivery times?

For orders containing more than 4 cardboard boxes, delivery times could reach a maximum of 15 working days

Product quality

Where is Di Martino pasta produced?

Di Martino pasta is produced exclusively in Italy and more precisely in Gragnano, a city in Southern Italy famous throughout the world for the production of dry pasta.
In fact, pasta has been made here for over 500 years and the peculiar production method handed down from generation to generation led in 2013 to obtaining the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) recognition for Pasta di Gragnano. In order to apply the IGP stamp on the packaging, our pasta can only be produced in Gragnano and the water used must come exclusively from pure local sources.

Is Pasta Di Martino made with 100% Italian wheat?

Di Martino pasta has always been made with 100% Italian wheat. A taste choice from Pastificio Di Martino, which selects the best durum wheat semolina from southern Italy to bring a fragrant and tenacious pasta to the plate, with a minimum protein content of 14%

What does the IGP certification represent?

The Protected Geographical Indication guarantees the origin and
quality of the product and, in the case of Gragnano pasta, testifies to a centuries-old tradition. The specification drawn up by the European Commission defines as
indispensable, in addition to the geolocation of the production plants in Gragnano, some requisites such as production exclusively with durum wheat semolina and water from the local aquifer; extrusion through bronze dies; the drying temperature which, although varying according to the formats, takes place between 40 and 85 ° C, for a period of between 4 and 60 hours, with packaging within 2 hours in the same place of production.

Why does Gragnano pasta have a higher quality?

Pasta di Gragnano is the only dry pasta in Italy to have obtained the IGP mark. This means that in order to be able to affix the PGI stamp on their packages, it is necessary to comply with a precise Production Disciplinary, with detailed information on both the raw materials and the final product. A third body checks every year that the production complies with the requirements of the specification and decides whether or not to grant the application of the stamp. In this way it is ensured that the ancient production method of Gragnano is respected and that all the phases that make this product unique in the world are observed. The result, which comes from the know-how of generations of pasta makers, is a bronze drawn pasta, slowly dried at a low temperature and with a high percentage of proteins.

What makes the difference in a bronze drawn pasta?

The bronze die creates micro-pores on the surface of the pasta, making it particularly porous and suitable for holding the sauces perfectly. You will feel what a difference!

What is durum wheat and why is it used to make dry pasta?

To produce dry pasta, durum wheat semolina is used instead of flour (which instead derives from soft wheat). Durum wheat has a higher percentage of proteins and allows the pasta to retain shape memory. For Di Martino pasta, we use only high quality 100% Italian durum wheat, selecting the best varieties including Saragolla, Marco Aurelio, Grecale and Core, which contribute to making our pasta unique.

What checks is Di Martino pasta subjected to in order to guarantee quality?

The Quality Department of Pastificio Di Martino carries out numerous checks, starting from the arrival of the semolina and up to the packaging of the finished product. It first checks that there are no external bodies inside the raw material, then various important parameters are analyzed, which must correspond to the requirements dictated by the Production Regulations of Pasta di Gragnano PGI and to those that the company requires: from color, particle size, ash and gluten. If the semolina is found to be unsuitable, the tank cannot unload the goods and must return to the supplier. There are also very careful checks on all phases of pasta production, through sampling that allow you to analyze the product, up to the cooking test, which ultimately allows you to verify the conformity of the batch produced.

How do you judge a quality pasta?

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Product features

Are there allergens in your pasta? (dried fruit, soy, eggs, etc.)?

Di Martino pasta is made only with Gragnano water and 100% Italian durum wheat semolina. Contains gluten.

How can I combine the different Di Martino pasta shapes?

Check out the recipes section of the site to get inspired and discover new alternatives! Would you like to receive more tips? Contact us or follow us on social networks.

Does Di Martino pasta contain dairy products?

No, our pasta contains only two ingredients: 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and Gragnano water

Do you have gluten-free pasta?

Pastificio Di Martino does not produce gluten-free pasta. In fact, in order to be recognized as Pasta di Gragnano PGI, our products must contain durum wheat semolina, as indicated in the Production Regulations.

Shipping questions

Frequently asked question

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

Frequently asked question

Share details about your shipping policies, item returns, or customer service.

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