The company's values ​​through our partnerships

The collaborations of Pastificio Di Martino arise from the desire to promote some pillars that are fundamental for us, such as sustainability, support for culture, inclusion and the valorization of Made in Italy. We do this through a fresh and contemporary approach, which perfectly frames our Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P.

Cooking is an act of love

Pastificio Di Martino and Barbie together to nourish future generations with values

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Good taste, Made in Italy

Di Martino pasta changes look thanks to the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana and celebrates Family, Pasta, Italy

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A pasta seasoned with culture

We have always promoted excellence and supported culture.
This is why Pastificio Di Martino is the Official Sponsor
of the San Carlo Theater

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Alongside Slow Food

As an Official Supporter of Slow Food Italia, Pastificio Di Martino aims to spread the values ​​of sustainability, protection of biodiversity and respect for raw materials

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