Slow Food

We are official supporters of Slow Food Italia for the promotion of the territory and good, clean and fair nutrition

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Respect for raw materials, quality assurance and environmental sustainability are values ​​that bind us to Slow Food. Together we work to promote conscious and responsible nutrition and we do so through a traceable product made with only 100% Italian wheat

Pasta Di Martino and Slow Food

Alongside the Slow Food Italia association Pastificio Di Martino becomes a tireless travel companion, sharing and actively participating in the diffusion of the values ​​it shares with it

Slow Food is a leader in the defense of biodiversity, in safeguarding the territory and in the protection of production chains. As a food company, we believe that supporting projects that encourage cultural growth and meet the interest of consumers is part of our social responsibility

All the taste of our pasta plus the values ​​and style that we share with big brands

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