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Curiosity about our pasta shapes

Each pasta shape has its own story, and we are here to tell you about it


It is an ideal shape for a preparation in the oven, a delicious aperitif or in a sweet version served as a dessert, perhaps filled with mascarpone cream with a sprinkling of cocoa. The greedy idea: Drain our Paccheri 5 minutes before the cooking time suggested on the package, stuff them with the filling of your choice, bread them and fry them: here is a perfect finger food to amaze your friends at aperitif time!

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The recipe with Paccheri

Paccheri and finanziera, with lime creamed potatoes and confit radicchio

Preparing a delicious and rich financier is like a work of art: it requires time, a minimum of skills, passion and care in execution.



No, actually they are not called Fusilli! In the Gragnanese tradition, the Tortiglioni are the typical shape "twisted" around itself, whose shape allows all the sauces to be collected in a unique way

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The recipe with Tortiglioni

Tortiglioni with feta, onion, peppers, olives and oregano

The summer schiscetta for your days away from home!



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