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Di Martino quality

The unique quality of a 100% Italian pasta, as tradition dictates

In Gragnano, the tradition of pasta production has a 500-year history. We at Pastificio Di Martino have been working for three generations to offer a unique, high quality pasta that is 100% Italian, just like our company

Ours is a PGI Pasta

Our pasta shapes are a PGI product, this is because the entire production process of Pasta Di Martino takes place only in Gragnano, a place of Protected Geographical Indication, which thanks to its unique characteristics allows for the production of superior quality pasta

The uniqueness of Gragnano pasta

Gragnano is a place that naturally lends itself to the production of dry pasta. The proximity to the sea and to the Lattari Mountains, which guarantees a mild, slightly humid and windy climate, and the presence of Monte Faito, from which water low in chlorine flows, have made Gragnano an ideal area for the production of pasta for centuries. of unique quality

How Pasta Di Martino is made

Our production process complies with all the standards of the Gragnano Pasta Protection Consortium, discover all the phases and characteristics of the production of Pasta Di Martino

Our dough: only 100% Italian durum wheat and Gragnano water

We select the best varieties of 100% Italian wheat and combine it with spring water from the Monti Lattari di Gragnano to obtain an elastic and homogeneous dough

Zero glyphosate, high in protein

We make sure that the wheat from which we obtain our semolina is treated favoring natural maturation, without the use of glyphosate, to guarantee the highest quality of the product. Furthermore, we only use varieties of wheat with a high protein content, to give Pasta Di Martino a minimum amount of protein of 14%

Bronze drawing

Our dough is drawn using only bronze dies. The extrusion with the bronze dies gives the pasta a rough and porous surface, which enhances the flavor of the grain, allows different formats to bind perfectly to the condiments and keeps the pasta tenacious in cooking, as the Gragnano pasta makers say. "Gragnano pasta is always al dente!"

Slow drying and low temperatures

Our pasta is dried at a temperature between 40 and 80 degrees for a period ranging from 6 to 60 hours. We use slow drying at low temperatures to prevent the sugars naturally present in the semolina from caramelizing, giving the pasta a yellow color and invalidating its flavor and quality

Packaging within 24 hours of production

To maintain the organoleptic qualities of our pasta and preserve the right level of humidity, we pack Pasta Di Martino in the place of production and within 24 hours following the production process

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