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Seasonal Pairings

January and February are the months that put the most strain on our immune defenses, but nature gives us the right tools to defend ourselves by offering seasonal fruits and vegetables with which to load up on Vitamins.

Have you been stocking up on seasonal produce, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, radicchio and artichokes, and don't know what format to pair them with? We've got you covered!

Want to know the perfect Pasta di Martino pairings for seasonal vegetables in January and February?
Here's your cooking list:

Orecchiette - Bari Broccoli
Mista Corta - White cabbage
Orzo - Radicchio
Plain Canneroni - Leek/Potatoes
Fusillata Casareccia - Black Cabbage
Giant Propellers - Beet

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